Calling off the search?

Compared to a decade ago, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends, opinions, data and algorithms. Especially opinions, ugh. Worse than keeping up (see also; running down a hill) is getting sucked down irrelevant rabbit holes, blowing resources and credibility.

Most of us are familiar with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. These are the processes and tactics employed to seed the digital universe with markers and enticements to bring users to a website.

SEO = earning traffic through unpaid or free listings, targeted keyword integration, site structure and fresh rich media content. The organic, free-range, non-GMO approach.

SEM = buying traffic through paid search listings and PPC (pay-per-click for readers born before 1990). A more artificial approach. Forced and without soul.

Some organizations boast dedicated search teams that rapidly respond to the stream of rule and algorithm changes from major search engines (Google makes 500-600 such revisions each year). For others, the Temple of Doom that is SEO and SEM is often a lollapalooza of torment and frustration.

Consider applying a little analogue thinking to the digital world. You know, like how we did it in olden times. By being on our game. Digital marketing is not all that different than how things were done 20 years ago. Successful organizations issued news releases regularly, ensured they knew writers and editors, they may have advertised, they answered hate mail, they did smart direct mail, they cross-promoted, they paid attention. And their efforts somehow made them known. We chat more online now than we do at the salon, the bar or on the bus. Can we not have the same real things to talk about as we once did?

We call this analogue fairy dust Search Relevance. Search Relevance is the one constant you can count on. Because you control it.

Yes. It’s just as much work as before. Many decision-makers seem to believe that “digital marketing” somehow absolves them of having to think about positioning, messaging, media relations a decent collection of videos, targeting or planning. Search Relevance is all these things and more. It’s not about reposting random detritus on Facebook that the same 20 people (of 20,000 “followers”) will jump on to “really drive engagement.”

Start now. What am I doing here? It’s OK, ask out loud. What is it that we are doing here? What is the outcome we’re after?

Search Relevance begins with a strong core. A core that is confident in its brand, is newsworthy, trustworthy, praiseworthy and shareworthy. These are the elements that matter #anywhere. Not just on-line (smiley face).

Want to be found? Be worth looking for.

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