The Show-to-Tell Ratio: What Kinder­­garten Teaches Us

Hi kids, today is Show and Tell Day. Oh, another story about a trip to the cabin last summer.  3, 2, 1, zzzzz… The class is now either asleep, daydreaming or texting on hidden mobile phones. Until the slingshot or pet snake comes out. Suddenly the cabin story takes on an entirely new dimension.  

This is marketing. Images matter.

In a way, our world can be seen as a cookbook with everyone trying to decide what to bake. All the recipes sound delicious, but which one is going to get you cooking: the cookie recipe filling the page with text or the one with the photo of chocolate cake covered in melted ice-cream and hot fudge? Sometimes it’s best to show the story, not just tell it.

The importance of the right image can’t be understated and needs to be developed, tweaked, changed, modified and corrected until it perfectly delivers the message while reflecting the brand. It can neither overwhelm nor underwhelm, it needs to exist in that most Goldilocks of states: just right. This is why writers and artists work in tandem, like figure skating pairs – knowing how the other works and what they need to do together to score that elusive 10 from the French judge.

Developing iconic imagery is our job. Supporting an idea with the right illustration or photo can drive a clear story for the recipient. Words may paint a picture, but it can sometimes require up to 1,000 of them.

With our recent visual identity reinvention, we conceived and executed illustrations to support the three core pillars of our business: strategic, creative and interactive. Each illustration defines a core service offering, but never strays from the overall brand image. Clients may work with just one of our service groups but immediately identify other groups within the company. Take a look!

It’s Show and Tell Day today. What did you bring?