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If you’re curious about what designers geek out over, try your hand at these online games (no sign-ups or commitments required) and see how you stack up.

And if you happen to consistently score as an expert... feel free to check out our careers page!

Colours and Shapes:

Pantone Color Challenge

It’s a simple game to play, but just how good is your colour perception?

The Color Game

Speed is the game here! A very simple concept, but the colour differences rapidly become much more difficult to spot! The initial directions are in English, with your results displaying in Chinese (Google supplied some very odd insights, perhaps something lost in the translation?). But all you really need to know is the numeral in the results, which is the number of levels that you hit ( ie. puzzles solved in one minute).

Color Method

This one is also easy to play, but requires a little understanding of colour terminology like “hue” and “complementary” and “saturation”. And it’s also timed... I was on the edge of my seat!

Fonts and Typography:

I Shot the Serif

Simple, fun, fast! You only need to know what a Serif font is (hint, usually has those little spiky bits on the ends of things) and eliminate them.


Easy to move the letters, but you better have a meticulous eye for spacing!

Shape Method

It helps to know the specific fonts being drawn, but you might just fake your way through if you have a good understanding of type shapes.


Think you know your fonts? This multiple choice game will tell you if that’s true! And if you don’t know, guess anyway, there’s a 25% chance you’ll be right!

Type Connection

And now something for the ardent type lover... a dating game where meaningful relationships are formed between compatible fonts!


And for those who go beyond the single letter, further than the single word, and cherish the art and beauty of the printed paragraph (where all well-behaved type stays where you put it) you can test your skills and timing in creating perfectly balanced paragraphs, where every line beautifully transitions to the next without those pesky rags, widows and orphansNote: Apologies to web designers who may find this game particularly frustrating.