Amanda Overington

Office Manager
Amanda Overington


Years In the Industry16
First JobWorked at a taco stand at the PNE.
If I wasn't in this business, I'd beIn another business (for realz).
What I do for funWear my striped sweater on snack day.
Soft spots(causes)SPCA (cause when I grow up I want to work with animals).
People would be surprised if they knew90% of my diet is cheese and carbs.
Mobile apps I can't live withoutI don't own a smart phone, but I can text...using my mini keyboard.
Tugboat accomplishment/project I am most proud ofEveryone at works gets a day off on their birthday thanks to this lady (pointing thumbs at herself).

Born in Vancouver but raised on the mean streets of Coquitlam, Amanda’s childhood dream was to become a Solid Gold dancer.  Or Princess Leia.

Growing up, the harsh realities of life set in and Amanda realized neither of her dreams would come true. So, after graduating high school, she traveled to find new ones. Living in England and New Zealand (and visiting any country she could in between) helped Amanda discover a new dream, Mexican Wrestling.

To be a successful Mexican wrestler, Amanda knew she would need a cover under which to live out her time not spent in the ring. So, now we find her as the office manager at Tugboat. By day she is the efficient, upbeat, organized and always-professional number cruncher at Tugboat. Tugboat staff and clients alike enjoy the fun, hardworking and humorous attitude she applies to her job. They also know that by night she is the legendary ‘Solid Gold Nacho’ of theWMWL (Women's Mexican Wrestling League), and fear her all the same.

With Amanda’s two sky rocketing careers fully on their way, we know she will only augment Tugboat’s already-impressive success.

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This is the stuff that makes Amanda tick.

Top Five '80s Horror Movies

  1. Sleep Away Camp (so bad it's good)
  2. Nightmare on Elm Street (the original not the remake)
  3. Poltergeist (first horror movie I saw at an age I should't have been watching it)
  4. April Fool's Day (no real comment on this I just liked it)
  5. Clown House (I HATE clowns. It's like watching my worst nightmares on screen)

Top Five TV Shows

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Sons of Anarchy
  4. The Mindy Project
  5. Dateline (love those real life mysteries)

Top Five Tools I Use to do my Job

  1. Computer
  2. Phone
  3. Sarcasm
  4. Abacus
  5. Rick James 'Street Songs' record