Karsten Jeske

Web Operations Manager
Karsten Jeske


Years In the Industry28
EducationSFU, Vancouver, BC
First jobNewspaper printer
Dream job18250 days till retirement
Hobbies60 days wasted on Facebook

With a robust suite of skills in graphic design and new media technologies, Karsten performs a unique role, in both design and project management, at Tugboat. His experience in project management is well utilized in costing and managing web projects within Tugboat’s multi-faceted web department.

Born and raised a stone’s throw behind the Iron Curtain, where “life in the spotlight” had a decidedly different meaning, Karsten began his career as a printer of Berlin’s largest newspaper. Karsten holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Technologies and a Master’s in Publishing.

Karsten is a black belt in Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and HTML. Over the years, Karsten has made significant contributions to a range of web projects for clients such New Media BC, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, SierraSil, Windset Farms, West Coast Windows, just to name a few. As the longest-serving member of the Tugboat crew, Karsten provides exceptional leadership to the Tugboat web development team, ensuring that all web projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Outside the office, Karsten is dedicated to educating the masses that the beautiful game of football has nothing to do with weird, and often suggestive, touchdown dances in the end-zone, but rather with skilfully kicking a round object into the net of an opposing team.

A little-known fact:

Kicked-off the East German pre-Olympic swim team, for exposing communist propaganda that claimed ordinary field cucumbers to be bananas, Karsten got the last laugh when he and his buddy David Hasselhoff single-handedly sparked the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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