Mike Leger

Writer, Brand Strategist

Mike grew up around people with colourful accents. His mother’s family was from the northern tip of Newfoundland (what Newfies consider the boonies) and his father’s family was Franco-Ontarian. (Mike’s grandparents barely spoke English.) The result is a person with a deep understanding of multicultural perspectives and an ear for both humorous and heartfelt dialogue.

He began his career as a Promo Producer for a university radio station and literally graduated to working in advertising as a Copywriter. Mike plied his trade (writing for Radio, Print, Television, and Interactive media) at multinational agencies in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver—often working on the results-driven retail side of the business.

He eventually transitioned to client-side marketing (working on everything from CRM implementation and product development to producing broadcast and web-based promotional videos for CTV and EA SPORTS, among others.) Mike's work has been recognized by the Cannes Lions, Lotus Awards, Marketing Awards, Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Promax/BDA, and appeared in publications around the world.

For fun, Mike plays and coaches hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. He’s also written a feature-length screenplay, played bass in a punk band, introduced break-dancing to Newfoundland, and can tell jokes in both official languages.


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