CPMA: We're the produce producers...

2014 saw the Canadian Produce Marketing Association's annual convention and tradeshow land in Vancouver. And in our offices.

As a member of the Association, we seized the opportunity to solidify our relationships with growers, shippers and other organizations within the produce and agriculture industries.

Tugboat was responsible for advancing the graphic appeal of the venerable convention and matching the year's theme to the essence of Canada's West Coast. For many show-goers, BC might as well be another country if the convention is outside of Toronto or Montréal.

After we had created the sketches for the collateral, it hit us (and the client) that they were perfect just as they were - no photography required. This illustrative style carried through all materials, incorporating fresh produce into the percieved healthy and active lifestyle we have here in Vancouver.

By showtime, we had developed English, French and bilingual trade ads, tickets, website elements, posters, banners, signage, guides and a new program style that had never before been used by this client - magazine format.