Reel West Gets A Refresh

With business leaders in film, television and media production turning to them for the latest news and insights, it was time to unite the power of Reel West's expansive listings with a refreshed web design and modern user experience. 


Integrating their existing legacy database system into a new, modern website provided its own unique set of challenges but our talented web crew once again proved themselves up to the task. Heavily armed with coding experience, we developed a web solution that serves delivers relevance to Reel West's professional audience while maintaining the robust requirements of their CMS. 


With robust text searchability, it's easier than ever for filmmakers, producers and other industry pros to navigate the hundreds of festival, funding and production listings. A modern layout style makes viewing their magazine an engaging visual adventure into the latest news and events of Western Canada's film industry.

Easy on the eyes, heavy on the relevance. Just how we like 'em.

Check out Reel West's new website.