Everyday chore to everyday indulgence

We have just completed the brand development, positioning and identity for Walrus Toothbrush, a lifestyle company that provides personal grooming options for discerning consumers who seek to escape the ordinary. Their design and product is for those who have their eyes on the penthouse, not the townhouse.

Walrus tooth brushes are truly objets d'art that punctuate a cultured life statement with flavour and personality. Because what is displayed on the counter is displayed to the world. Luxury and sophistication influence just one small indulgence of the day. Don’t we all deserve that?

These hand-crafted brushe handles are those for whom understated style and elegance are the essence of their persona. They dazzle not by what they say, but by what they don't. They make choices carefully and deliberately yet make those choices appear effortless. This makes them more beguiling. This is the Walrus.

We would direct you to their new site, but we have just begun to build it. Nifty little Paralax number with international cart, shipping and consumables subscription management.