Faces of Courage : Voices of Change

"We care for more than physical wounds," reads an insight from one of over 40 people who help define Surrey Womens Centre (SWC).

Faces of Courage, Voices of Change was a microsite and supporting online campaign Tugboat Group developed to commemorate the tenth annual National Victims of Crime Awareness week. The project was designed to drive visitors to the SWC website site and validate the participation of partners and funders.

Essentially, this bolt-on microsite was created to:

  • Share stories and images of advocates working in social, medical and legal services capacities
  • Highlight innovative partnerships with medical, legal and social services
  • Outline and display partnerships as milestones in the Centre's mandate
  • Solicit visitor engagement

The take away for the Centre's online constituents was that SWC does impactful work that they can and should support by promoting online or by donating. For SWC staff, volunteers and partners, this was to reinforce that politics don't make change, people make change - it's the small actions of ordinary people that bring about change. It's easy to break a twig on its own, but more difficult to snap a bundle. There was a drive to feel empowered and inspired to ask others to support their work.

The over-arching goal was to present a human face to the vital work undertaken by the Centre in a way that would inspire users to take a small action to demonstrate that small acts can bring about change. If other people can do it, so can you. Individual profiles of advocates connected the micro and the macro: they demonstrate that small actions and victories make change possible.

In addition to creating the platform, one of our senior art directors, Liz Dungate (who is pretty damned impressive), photographed nearly all subjects  featured in the project.

Naturally, the site was responsive with users and especially those people featured, were able to share their image and insight through their own social media channels.