Canadian Produce Growing Strong with Tugboat

Well, we guess they liked what we created for them in 2014 because the Canadian Produce Marketing Association is back for more as they prepare for the 2016 convention in Calgary.

The 2016 theme is Growing Strong. At almost 100 years old, the association and convention is certainly is still growing strong.

As with our 2014 engagement, Tugboat is responsible for the graphic theming of the event and the roll-out of all communications materials, from web and email skins to programs, direct marketing, advertising, POS and other collateral. Of our three creative presentations, the "gym" graphic strategy and platform was selected by the Calgary organizing committee.

When a person or a business looks to grow or condition, they often turn to a coach of some kind. Life coach, business coach, personal trainer. A personal trainer that drives you to push harder, grow stronger and live better.

This emblematic ID was created to resemble a cross-fit club and easily addresses English, bilingual and French versions. Commemorative, it is completely self-contained with the year and location. This is a pervasive watermark and a striking badge.

There is a treasure trove of headlines that are springing forth from this approach and apparel opportunities abound for attendees and show staff. Look for first executions in the fall.