Chetwyn Farm: the DO in Avocado

After meeting at PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans some years ago, we kept in touch with a super guy we had the chance to spend some social time with. We did not know at the time that he had some pretty grand plans to grow avocados in Hayward, California.

Years passed and the relationship continued to develop until we were one day surprised to be asked to quote on the development of a brand and ancillary components for a new farm, just outside of Oakland. The entire family was in on it - kids, grandparents, even the dog.

Who says no to that? Not us.

We made our way down to Hayward, making sure to stop in Sausalito on the way...

TOPPOP: Diesel - Sausalito Summernight

Over the course of three days, we conducted brand visioning sessions, photographed the property (with three different micro-climates) and dug for insights that Chetwyn alone could lay claim to. We identified who our best targets audiences were and began to craft the messages that would resonate with them. We also determined which channels would be the best to introduce Chetwyn Farm avocados to our leading prospects.

Once back in Vancouver, the work continued with finalizing a full brand architecture - the positioning pillars and the rationales they were based on - and completed it with a tagline that fits the family perfectly: This adventure is what you make it. A colour palate was created, type styles were selected, a mood board created and a messaging platform completed. Only then could the logo be started.

The colour palate was one of the most fun things to do.  Avocado skins and pits make a lovely pink dye for fabrics and paper, but the dye is actually a rusty orange in its liquid state. The final palate contained the outer dark avocado green, the inner bright green, the cream flesh near the pit, the orange dye and its pink finish.

The Chetwyn identity is both heraldic and hipster. Heraldic in that the property was a cattle ranch in the late 1800's, a working farm for many years. Hipster, in that kind of thing being popular with the mackinaw crowd.

The tagline was given aesthetic life as a graphic tagline that is being reproduced on all manner of items, from hats to shirts to avocado bags.

As with all Tugboat brand undertakings, a brand guide is created to ensure that ANYONE who is charged with the care and maintenance of the brand can keep it true to it's core. A Tugboat brand guide is not a passive rule book on where to stick logos - the brand is explained and personified for its stewards and representatives to feel and understand.

"Life has been a little weird without you."

Dave and Anna Najarian