BC Trucking Association Website + Marketing Automation Integration

With the goal of stemming attrition and driving membership growth, we recently overhauled and relaunched the BC Trucking Association website, complete with the considered integration of a web-based marketing automation application. In addition to being web development specialists, Tugboat Group are also expert in Marketing Automation strategy and implementation, working with our MA partner SharpSpring.

Three main areas of the BCTA website were redesigned from the foundation up with this rebuild: the calendar, the Bulletin Magazine, and the training modules.

It had been determined that a very large portion of the BCTA website content was not being leveraged and presented to membership in a logical and meaningful way. Published once, but then buried.

The new version of the site fully indexes all content that is developed for training, workshops and seminars, as well as the BCTA Bulletin Newsletter, and brings it to the foreground via intuitive and visually appealing information dashboards.

Compelling editorial and news articles are indexed and easily retrievable by members via the desktop Bulletin Magazine, which is also responsive for mobile-friendly viewing.



The redesign of the training page allows for a focus to be placed on the promotion and explanation of programs available, allowing BCTA members and prospects to easily ascertain the scope of the program, and schedule well in advance.


The BCTA Calendar module lists all upcoming events & training courses, with widget modules pulling specific content for display on other relevant web pages throughout the website.


Unique landing pages presenting benefits and special offers for new members are used and tracked as part of the BCTA Membership Drive program.