Intercrate Containers Website

With three-generations of plastic container design and production expertise,  InterCrate has yet to be presented with an unsolvable problem or a product or process that cannot be improved upon. InterCrate containers protect produce, increase efficiency and deliver value.

With production in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and South Africa, they construct rigid and collapsible totes for the fresh produce and food industry. Chronic innovators, they constantly look to make more intuitive products that are smarter and longer-lasting than other totes.

InterCrate's design and development heritages makes them the ideal fit, from concept through to delivery, including prototypes, tooling, and production. 

InterCrate products are considered from every conceivable angle and their sophisticated product designs have a proven track record. Even in a world as seemingly simple as ours, there is always innovation.

InterCrate competes on value. Their containers are smarter, perform better, work harder, last longer and store smaller than other totes. More product gets to market, fresh.