The Relevance Experts

We are the builders and activators of brands, thinkers of ideas, makers of things, hunters of opportunity and bringers of change. Above all, we understand the needs of the enterprise and work to deliver relevant marketing and creative that satisfy the objectives of the business plan.

Moored in Vancouver, we live in an integrated environment of strategic marketing and planning, brand and identity development, creative design, packaging, interactive and web development, video services, e-commerce, SEO, advertising and whatever else isn’t bolted down. Plus, we’re swell people.

Brand Development

Brands are like people. They have a certain appearance and style. They speak in a certain tone of voice. And, they act a certain way. They all have a tale to tell. These outward expressions project internal values and invite judgment from those who encounter them.

People (customers, investors, regulators and other audiences) find these traits appealing or not so, and instinctively determine whether they will instigate or pursue a relationship beyond first impression. Like people, brands have personalities. Friendly or unapproachable, trusting or skeptical, intelligent or uncaring, these qualities are evident when customers experience the brand. 

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Strategic Marketing

Strategy is about mapping back from the desired outcome. We focus the same level of rigour (and none of the mortis) whether it’s a strategic marketing plan for your entire organization, a package, a website, an ad, business card or even a cocktail napkin. There must be a clear reason, that desired and measurable outcome, when we undertake a project. Rarely do we create materials for their own sake.

We draw our inspiration from toddlers. Why? Why? Why? Mercilessly asking and drilling down. Why are we doing this? Why are we here?

Answering the why and the how is easy. What and when will sort themselves out soon after.

Who, however, is every bit as important as the why. We are, to some extent, pedantic about that as well. We can help define and segment your targets so as to leverage our resources with the greatest efficiency.

Like our namesake, it might not always be pretty, but it's always pretty damned good.

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Creative & Design

Coordinates laid in. The creative goal is to develop ideas that propel our clients to their definition of success. Our true love is in delivering creative communications solutions to challenging opportunities. As a core service area, our creative expertise and skill sets help our clients build, increase and leverage brand awareness, drive customer acquisition and maximize customer retention.

Our creative team includes award-winning art directors, graphic designers, interactive designers and a very busy production manager. Together they have decades of combined experience in concept development, design and production throughout a wide range of creative applications including: branding, advertising, corporate collateral, communications layout, graphic design, interactive design and product packaging. Every bit as solid as our strategic thinking, our creative services are all-encompassing – from initial concepts through execution in any medium: print, online, environmental, tradeshows, broadcast, TV, video and radio.

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Web Design & Development

Welcome to the radio room. Tugboat's web development team offers hand-crafted HTML or any number of modern content management systems to create an on-line presence that meets today's needs with the ability to seize upon tomorrow's opportunities. Responsive design, tools, e-commerce solutions, CRM, social media and full back-end integration.

Websites are great, but what truly sets Tugboat apart is the depth of ability and knowledge we bring to projects. When our Vancouver-based team delivers a website, we design and develop for all users of the site: primary visitors, and also the client, so they're empowered to use and control the site, not the other way around. We want your site to be easy to use, so that you'll look forward to using it. We also equip our clients with whatever training they need to make full use of their new on-line home. We like things that are extensible, so we see a site as a growing, organic presence that delivers right now, six months from now and two years from now.

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