Strategic Marketing

Marketing must be more than cool tactics that make a lot of noise but deliver little. It's about mapping back from a desired outcome and beating a relevant path to it.

At Tugboat, we focus the same level of rigour (and none of the mortis) on every endeavour because everything communicates. There must be a clear reason, that desired and measurable outcome, when we undertake a marketing project – for any culture, in any language. Rarely do we create materials for their own sake.

A full service agency

We look at any marketing effort in its entirety, not just the immediate task at hand. While not every marketing services project need be a completely unitized marketing masterpiece, we do like to explore beyond the initial client request.

In the same way that someone might instruct an accountant to prepare their taxes, the best accountants will poke around more than others to find more savings and advantages for their clients.

Above and below Tugboat's Vancouver decks, marketing communication takes form mainly through these core offerings:

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Strategic Planning

We begin with a 30,000 foot view of the complete client landscape. Every hill, every valley. We look for the opportunities that can only be seen from overhead. Then we dive in, to search for those that are exposed at retail.

Proactive marketing strategy that is meaningful, measured and sustainable is the desired thrust but we're no strangers to the development of strategies to react to sudden market changes and opportunities that present themselves.

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Business to Business Marketing

Is exactly the same as business to consumer marketing. But completely different. The same, in that classical marketing strategy and tactics have an effect, and different in that B2B marketing audiences tend not to have the same fickle natures as consumers.

Clients look to us as business marketing consultants for simple and straightforward plans and ideas that directly communicate benefits and advantages without becoming mired in over-worked metaphors so often seen in consumer marketing.

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Business to Consumer Marketing

Tugboat offers and delivers on the strategy, planning, tactics and execution of loyalty programs, advertising, promotions, sponsorships, grassroots campaigns, PR and media relations, advertising, direct marketing (e and mail), cross-promotions, in-store materials, guerrilla, environments, sampling, social engagement and placement.

No matter the tactic, the core of executions are based on the application of considered ideas, not just about something that looks cool and is "trending" on social media. The tide is changing. True (versus paid) loyalty is beginning to matter again.

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Internet Marketing

If you build it right, they will come.

From keyword research and organic search optimization to pay-per-click ad campaigns, content development and social media distribution, Tugboat understands that a successful internet marketing strategy is a journey, not a destination. 

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Integrated Marketing

Hasn't marketing always been integrated? Good marketing leverages available and relevant elements to deliver the right message, with the right frequency and the right impact. The channels may have changed over the years but the notion of marketing integration has been with us since the invention of the printing press.

It's never been enough to launch a message through a single channel, and with the vehicles available to us today to communicate with audiences versus simply at them. Beyond integrated, we call this Unitized Marketing

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Trade Show Experiences

Exhibitors or exhibitionists? We strive for the latter. Consumer and trade shows are a massive expense that should justify complete participation.

When Tugboat works with a client to develop a trade show experience we leave no opportunity wasted. A trade show booth should be like an amusement park. Something to see and do for the core target audience and a few little extras to keep their friends occupied. The physical structure is only half the experience, if that - it's what goes on inside (and sometimes outside of) the booth space that matters.

As with almost every project, Tugboat works from a full and detailed brief to align the experience with the show goals, the organization's positioning and, most importantly, the targets. Gearing up for a trade show? Get started on a brief here.

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Retail Marketing

It's one thing to develop sophisticated strategies and plans to drive demand for a product, but quite another to actually generate conversions per square retail foot.

Tugboat can deliver on promotions and cross-promotions, point-of-sale materials, signage, on-pack, product development, naming, positioning and placement. 

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