About Tugboat Group

Since 1998, Tugboat Group has been developing and delivering strategic and creative services that advance brands and increase revenues for clients beyond Vancouver and throughout Canada, the US and internationally. Relevance is the engine that drives it all.

The integrated communications strategies we conceive and the methods we employ vary in degree, scope and application but simplicity drives what we do and how we do it.

With a name like Tugboat, references to the robust vessels are to be expected. And we do draw many similarities between ourselves and our namesake. Our work is focused on our clients, not ourselves. Like the working boat, we are responsive and swift, capable of brute force or a delicate touch as we pull you out to open water or bring you into port.

However you measure the success of your enterprise, Tugboat can help you get there. Welcome aboard.

Our Approach

We don't actually have an "approach."

Because an “approach” would mean you, or your organization, is not all that unique. Our clients deserve more than a blanket process that insists on forcing square pegs into round holes.

So, our approachless approach involves figuring you out and determining how success aligns with your desired outcome. Success of the project. Success in a relationship. Success on the bottom line. We drive stakes into the ground versus holding fingers in the air.

Some clients come to us looking for help from the ground up. Some would have us insert at a point along their marketing chain. Some simply require execution based on their existing strategy. For others, we are a Vancouver-based, globally aware, full-service, bolt-on marketing and communications department that offers outside perspective and inside know-how.

While many may say it, we can pretty much do it all. In whatever measure is required. Quickly, efficiently and expertly.