Is the photographic artist obsolete?

In a sea of generic stock photography is there still a place for the true artist?

Can professional photographers survive in this Instagram age? How does it affect what we designers get to use when photography budgets are wafer slim and the quality of images is generic and poor?

Will people be reconditioned and get used to it? How will companies get people motivated to consume new products? Does the general public even notice?

Lots of questions.

Some companies will always need custom high end photography. Luxury items like cruises, imported cars, high end musical instruments, fashion - will probably always cherish presenting their products with utmost beauty. But who really knows?

In the future perhaps these companies will also come to rely on campaigns that have a more social media oriented twist, where the images we see are sent to the company by real users in real situations.

Could this be the end of the glossy, sexy fabricated facade? 

Perhaps people are tired of the air-brushed, photoshopped fantasy. Still, great photography is a priceless art.

There's no value you can put on it except what you believe it is worth. Or what an auction house deems its value once the artist is dead and gone.

Film is dead, digital is here, but true art will survive.

I thought the work of photographer William Huber was proof of that. Exceptional. Zen-like, beautiful, thought provoking and literate.

Passionate people will always be with us.