Have it all your way.

Burger King had it right.

Have it your way. All your way.

I remember when my son was a toddler, I bought a customized children’s book. I had to order it and wait for delivery, but it was worth it…. the main characters in the book were all named for Quentin’s cousins and friends, and his joy at having a story read to him that was “about” him was so fun. At least I thought so… apparently I was an early adopter of customization!

My son was too young to read it himself, and I wonder now if it would have had more impact if he’d been of an age to recognize how special it was to be written in his own book (his name is Quentin, his cousin is Caepher, not exactly “Dick and Jane” kind of names)? Let’s face it, for babies and toddlers, everything is equally magical and, at the same time, completely ordinary. Of course the book would be about him, why not?

Going further back, I used to compulsively alter every article of clothing ever gifted to me: hemming, adding darts, fitting, cropping, adding personal touches. I probably drove my family mad… nothing was ever “right” off the rack. I suppose I could have designed and sewn all my own clothes from scratch (and sometimes did) but it was all so time-consuming and I wasn’t very patient…. but now! Customization is available! Although the sites I’ve found (click here and here and here) still have a pretty limited range of options, it's a good start. 

And then there’s 3D printing. Minds are being blown. Customized 3D printed… food?! 

- ld