British Columbia Hospitality Foundation Identity

A new, modern and engaging visual identity for the British Columbia Hospitality Foundation (BCHF).

As BCHF continued to grow, it aimed to re-vitalize its image to more accurately reflect the organization's mandate and spirit.

The new BCHF mark represents the partnership between foundation and the members of the hospitality community it serves. Fresh and modern, the use of two hands intertwined symbolizes those members seeking assistance and that of BCHF, there to provide a helping hand. Reflecting the tagline "Working Together to Help our Own." colours are warm, inviting and positive - mirroring the dynamic and passionate individuals who power the hospitality industry.

Given Tugboat's history in the food service business, this work was performed pro bono. We knew the budget at BCHF was extremely limited but it was an opportunity to help out a well-connected, high profile group and at the same time challenge us to come up with something unique, positive and appropriate to their goals.