Careers on Wheels - School District 73

In a coordinated effort to inspire BC high-school students to consider professional driving as a career choice, we produced a two-minute video for School District 73 that highlights the opportunities available within the trucking industry while capturing the enthusiastic spirit of one of its young drivers. 

Video Marketing - School District 73 - NORKAM - Tugboat Group Vancouver

The good folks at Triton Transport were kind enough to arrange a ride along with Scott Harding, one of their most experienced young drivers. He pulled up to our filming location en route to Alberta in a freshly shined, 8-axle Western Star 4900 SB truck loaded up with a brand-new CAT 3336E Hybrid large hydraulic excavator. Try saying that 10 times fast!

It was a great day for a cruise through the streets of Langley and Scott was well-prepared and at-ease in front of the camera. He went out of his way to help ensure we captured some excellent B-roll footage, climbing atop the excavator with our ever-resourceful Captain Steve to mount the GoPro camera. The final edit was definitely enhanced with this unique, birds-eye view that demonstrated the technical skill and responsibility required to drive one of these mighty trucks on the busy streets and highways of BC.

Intending to engage the high-school student demographic, our editing team opted for a Car & Truck magazine-inspired intro to get things rolling, integrating bold titling to deliver relevant industry statistics,  and subtle sound design enhancements to tickle the ears. The NorKam Commercial Driver Training Program video cruises along nicely with an upbeat soundtrack that weaves effortlessly throughout Scott's personal narrative.