Classic LifeCare Moments Magazine

Magazine leads the stealthy brand charge into waiting rooms and the offices of healthcare professionals.

A brochure is not enough. A kit folder is too much. The challenge for Classic LifeCare was how to inform their primary referral source – busy healthcare professionals – about the Vancouver home care company without overwhelming them. Solution: Moments Magazine, a compendium of Classic LifeCare philosophy, insights, brand, personality and positioning.

Named from the company’s tagline, Live in the Moments that Matter, this piece is a hybrid of Psychology Today and O, with a touch of Good Housekeeping.

While frank, Moments Magazine is not a clinical publication, nor is it full of images of seniors being spoon-fed. It’s an easy and compelling read for end-user clients to engage with. Moments is further utilized as a referral device for health care professionals to provide to family members seeking care solutions for their loved ones.

The publication contains the right amounts of human interest – profiles of clients in their heydays – information, facts, figures and resources for caregivers, a social column, gadget and lifestyle page, caregiver profiles, the works. The stories aren’t about Classic. They’re about people.

Every piece of existing collateral can be re-purposed or re-engineered to become content for the magazine. Opinion pieces, publisher’s message, how-to, feature articles, what’s new and other elements that fit. The content is also migrated to the Moments section of the client’s site.

The vast majority of content was developed collaboratively with the client, with additional content being edited by Tugboat to match the tone and personality of the magazine. Printing by Generation.