HeliTech Group Identity

We've completed the retrofit and present Quality on the Ground. Ingenuity in the Air. The new tagline expression of the Helitech brand pillars.

The new visual identity is typically Canadian in its simplicity and understatement, something important for HeliTech in competing globally. Canadian companies enjoy a healthy reputation for quality and service. We're not here to put on an air show. We're here to fix your helicopter.

No propellers, no tail booms, no skids.

The identity was applied to build plates, building signage, uniforms and, most importantly, invoices.

HeliTech is one of a handful of companies in the world who are authorized to repair and rebuild Bell rotary-wing aircraft, most notably the U1H1 or “Huey” helicopter. HeliTech is the go-to resource for 65% of the world’s operational Hueys, in service with military, law-enforcement and first-responder organizations since the 1960’s.

For about half the price of a factory-new U1H1, HeliTech can take, say, a 1976 Columbian military aircraft in non-operational condition and ship it back as brand new – complete with high-tech avionics and a new, high performance engine.