JIND Fruit Co. Buyer's Guide

Wasting no time in getting to market, JIND Fruit Co.™ came out of the gate strong with their new buyers guide.

Before consumers buy into the JIND Fruit Co.™ promise, buyers at the wholesale level need to believe that this company means business and that business is about premium-quality tree fruits.

A successful trip to the 2011 CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) yielded immediate interest in the JIND Fruit Co.™, from buyers and wholesalers. Buyers and wholesalers with low expectations in terms of fruit growers positioning and their communications. Conditions could not be better for an upstart grower/packer to come roaring out of the gate and right through the competition.

A brand doesn’t start and stop with a logo, it’s everywhere and everything. Including buyers guides. For many in this client’s competitive set loose, photocopied pages ARE the buyers guide. For JIND Fruit Co.™, the guide must sell the company every bit as much as it does the top-drawer fruit. Photocopies just don’t cut it in a post-commodity company (see also Windset Farms™).

This new JIND Fruit Co.™ buyers bamboo binder was created to not only hold the JIND Fruit Co.™ buyers guide but all of their competitors’ loose sheets as well. One JIND Fruit Co.™-branded binder that can hold ALL competitive set materials. One binder on the buyer’s shelf. One go-to repository.

Overkill? No. Overwhelm? Absolutely.

Our thanks to Shrapnel Design who custom-fabricated the binders for us.