JIND Fruit Co. Clamshells & Bags Packaging

What was the best summer night you’ve ever had? Where were you? What did you do? Who were you with?

With a tagline like  JIND Fruit Company's What Summer Tastes Like™, the stage was set for a suite of names for the company's products: Summer Love™ Peaches, Summer Breeze™ Apples, Summer Fling™ Select Fruit and Summer Nights™ Cherries. With the opportunity came a challenge - ensuring all looks maintained the same family standard while expressing their own individual values.

Determined to stand out from cherry bags containing only a PLU number, JIND hand-applied labels for Summer Nights Cherries before printed bags arrived from the manufacturer. Clamshells followed bags. Thankfully, they came with labels already applied.

Zero to recognizable brand in one season.