JIND Fruit Co. Corrugate Packaging

When work on the JIND Fruit Co. tagline began, the goal was to develop a statement that would marry with any fruit that the Okanagan grower might eventually market. What Summer Tastes Like™ became the naming convention anchor for Summer Love™ Peaches, Summer Breeze™ Apples, Summer Fling™ Select Fruit and Summer Nights™ Cherries.


For the large volume of domestic boxes, ChromaPak printing was the choice. Generally, most kraft corrugate boxes are flexo-printed in spot, GCMI ink or standard CMYK. Tugboat believed JIND Fruit Co. deserved something different, something ChromaPak and International Paper could deliver. The result is a box that stands out, while at the same time not screaming that it’s trying too hard.

Jind Fruit Co. Summer Breeze Apples boxes