JIND Fruit Co. Identity

JIND™ Fruit Co. is a grower/packer in the Okanagan Valley. It’s not as much a new company as a reinvigorated third-generation family business who grows the sweetest fruit possible. JIND Fruit is What Summer Tastes Like™.

Tugboat was engaged to develop the brand architecture, personality, positioning, tagline and visual identity. As well, the naming conventions of unique fruit variety sub-brands were created to further promote these products.

To add a genuine entrepreneurial spirit to this adventure, the Tugboat team had just two weeks to get from zero to tagline, ID, website landing page, stationery and talking points in order to take advantage of a visit to the 2011 CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) annual convention in Montréal.

“I can't believe how quickly these guys (Tugboat) understood us and our business,” says Jesse Sandhu, JIND’s Chief Orchard Officer (we develop titles too). “They got right inside the business and pulled out all the things that make us different, better and special. Wow.”