JIND Fruit Co. Summer Nights Packaging

What was the best summer night you’ve ever had? Where were you? What did you do? Who were you with?

When work on the JIND Fruit Co. tagline began, the goal was to develop a statement that would marry with any fruit that the Okanagan grower might eventually market. What Summer Tastes Like™ became the naming convention anchor for Summer Love™ Peaches, Summer Breeze™ Apples, Summer Fling™ Select Fruit and Summer Nights™ Cherries.

The Summer Nights™ Cherries graphic theme was applied to clamshells and poly bags as well as domestic and export boxes. The work seeks to evoke the feeling of an Okanagan summer night – the freedom, the anticipation, the romance. Export and domestic boxes each address different end users.

For the large volume of domestic boxes, ChromaPak printing was the choice. Generally, most kraft corrugate boxes are flexo-printed in spot, GCMI ink or standard CMYK. Tugboat believed Summer Nights™ deserved something different, something ChromaPak and International Paper could deliver. The result is a box that stands out, while at the same time not screaming that it’s trying too hard.

Export boxes, shown here, were offset printed to create a crisp and vibrant presentation – ideal for showcasing a high-quality product from faraway Canada.

Jesse Sandhu, JIND president and COO, left 10 of these freshly printed export box samples at his Osoyoos fruit stand while he brought the remainder to storage only to find that, not 15 minutes later, his father had filled the boxes with cherries and had sold them all. Every single one. 15 minutes.

True story.