Jind Fruit Co. Website

The JIND Fruit Co. tagline has been brought to sweet, summer life on the web. When developing the theme and strategy for this site, we recognized that everyone knows what an apple looks like. Chances were also good that most humans can recognize a cherry or peach as well.

So much summer. So little time. Feature-rich website puts the client in control. Social media integration, e-marketing, content management.

So, while this site has the obligatory images of fruit, it’s not completely what the site is about. It’s about summer. It’s about usage and occasion. It’s about personality and surprises.

It’s about reinforcing what JIND Fruit is about – the taste of summer. And, in the case of apples, that taste is all year long.


A little bit of crafty Javascript cycles a selection of Polaroid summer moments throughout the site. Images and captions were created to be low-sell, all-tell to get the feel across. Facebook, Twitter and a blog start and maintain conversations. Buyer's guides are available for download without register and crawl through a digital tunnel to simply download a pdf.

Check out the apple-wine pairing guide. We had it developed for Whistler's Cornucopia but these pairings are as lovely on the back deck or balcony as they are at a wine gala.