Kitchen Shorts Recipe Development

With shows and entire channels devoted to cooking these days, why bother trying to teach people how to make something? Looking at these shows, hipster Instagram feeds and magazine covers, it would seem like we are ALL Cordon Bleu graduates.

Kitchen Shorts Video Marketing Reel Tugboat Group Vancouver

So, to support the recipe program, we have condensed recipe videos into 15-seconds. Coming soon, scan the QR code on a bag of Windset Farms product and bang, boom, sizzle, pop ta-da. This Instagram format takes the user through the highlights of the recipes. That's all these are for - to show the top line of an original Windset Farms recipe that profiles a particular product - they're not deep, instructional, self-indulgent cooking shows.

"Oh, I can make that," is the desired response.

Outside of Instagram, these will be embedded on Windset recipe pages, posted on Facebook and tweeted with links to written recipes.