LaStella Winery Identity

LaStella is the sister winery to Le Vieux Pin in BC's Okanagan valley.

Where Le Vieux Pin had a simple and rustic tone and manner, LaStella has definite notes of Italian nobility, a hint of privilege and a finish of sophistication.

Brioni versus Boss. Panerai in favour of Rolex. Power without pretense. That's LaStella.

The winery is in the Tuscan style and suggests a lineage of generations. The type style takes cues from Latin and the upside-down L that creates the “T” indicates moonlight shadow.

LaStella is the “First star I see tonight” and the only star on the label. Set on that perfect blue that lives just before dark, the little star is like the winery – small and bright with the promise of romance. Further reinforcing the notion of an ancient lineage, the vintage is written using Roman numerals. Directional signage has the feel of Tuscan street and road signs.

Where Le Vieux Pin has the feel of an early Okanagan heritage, LaStella is all about the glamourous 1950's and 60's. Think Vespas, Alfa Romeos and Sophia Loren. This formed the basis of photographic and design treatment with imagery given the look of early colour photography and print collateral reflecting the styles of the day. Sell sheets, postcards, web skin and print ads reflected this theme.