LaStella Winery Packaging

Packaging for the sister winery of Le Vieux Pin.

While some wine labels are designed to jump from a store shelf, this LaStella packaging was created to set the mood at the table.

Where Le Vieux Pin has a simple and rustic tone and manner, this Tuscan-style winery suggests a lineage of generations, dating to Roman nobility. The identity typestyle takes cues from Latin and the upside-down L that creates the “T” indicates moonlight shadow.

LaStella is the “First star I see tonight” and the only star on the label. Set on that perfect blue that lives just before dark, the little star is like the winery – small and bright with promise of romance. Further reinforcing the notion of an ancient lineage, the vintage is written using Roman numerals.

The wines are named based on musical terminology. Vivace, Allegretto, Maestoso, etc., all describe the particular emotion of the wines they name.