Le Vieux Pin Identity

Le Vieux Pin: an Okanagan winery in the French style.

The challenge here was to refine an existing mark that had been designed with retail competition in mind. The strategy however, was to introduce the winery and its wines through top restaurants – at the table. The original identity was tight, angular and single-weight line art with a very modern type treatment. Given the new brand architecture and personality, this visual identity needed to be amended to more faithfully express the brand and help deliver on strategy.

As the winery was more about function and less about form, the train-station motif was enhanced to be more like a sketch than an architect's rendering. In keeping with the typography of Provençe at the time, the type treatment was was to be simple, clear and forthright. The use of distressed type was to suggest a rustic character that had been reproduced many times. The typestyle carries through in signage, collateral and advertising.

The brand is about another time, when wine was crafted for the love of it. Then the picking of grapes was a purposeful undertaking by people who loved what they did. The brand is about the little things, not the big things. Lavender-lemonade, sepia, age, wear, imperfection.

Imagery harnessed the forgiving nature of black&white, flaws celebrated the way only that medium can.