Le Vieux Pin Packaging

Like it's sister, LaStella, the goal of this exercise was to create a bottle with table impact over retail impact.

Le Vieux Pin is a relatively new Okanagan winery in the French style. It is the sister winery to LaStella.

The look of the winery took its cues from an old French railway station. So, naturally, did the brand and subsequent label personality: hard-working, simple, honest.

The premise of the packaging was to create a bottle with table presence versus retail presence. When this bottle was placed on a table, the goal was to have it commented on, picked up, engaged with. To do that, the bait was set for the undercover wine geek. Tonnage, Brix, date picked, soil type, vineyard location and other information that would arm the average drinker with more than “nice legs” and “good nose.”

With the front label all about function, the back label contained the emotional content, how the sun hit the vines, how the rainfall affected the grape's personality and other key factors.