Mott Electric Website delivers a solid user experience on computer screens, mobiles or tablets.

Mott does a lott. Residential and industrial customers can find what they need. Behind the scenes, Mott staff can access critical information from job sites.

Founded in 1930, Mott Electric is one of B.C.’s largest electrical contractors. From installing electrical cables across the newly built Pattullo Bridge in 1937, to working on the latest SkyTrain expansions, they have been and continue to be a part of the building of this province.

The Mott website was created using the Drupal content management system, giving Mott the ability to easily access and edit their online content. Under the hood, the site is engineered using the modern web standards HTML5 and CSS3 – because they give viewers a great experience no matter what type of device they’re using. 

The site gives close to 100 staff members the ability to log in and access a suite of tools designed to help them be more efficient, effective and productive. They can retrieve information from the website any time they need it, whether they’re at the office or using their smart phone from a work site. On a job in Abbotsford and there’s a need for the proper paperwork? Poof. Download it from the website. Niggly guidelines need double-checking? Good as done.

On the front end, the clean, easy-to-navigate interface helps current and prospective clients figure out what they need and how to get it. The goal was to make sure Mott customers come away feeling calm and enlightened, not frustrated and confused.

The site also answers every question anyone could ever have about hiring an electrical contractor. If the site’s FAQ page doesn’t address a particular query, clients can use the Ask An Electrician feature, which connects them directly with an expert. Just type out your question and contact info and an expert will get back to you in a flash. It’s a personal touch that assures clients that Mott cares about their needs.

Visit the Mott Electric site here.