Recipe Development with Chef Tojo-San

To spice up the introduction of their greenhouse grown produce in Japanese markets (in Japan), Windset Farms was asked to provide several fresh-friendly recipes and recipe preparation videos to air in popular produce retail settings. While juicy red tomatoes are no strangers to Japanese consumers, they are not exactly popular items in their daily diets.

Briefed with the task of popularizing Windset tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers as primary ingredients to build everyday meals around, we commissioned Vancouver's premier Itamae, Chef Tojo-San, to release his culinary consciousness and carve up some winning recipes.

Then jump in front of the camera.

Recipe Development Video Marketing Tugboat Group - Tomato Salad - Tojo

Recipe Development Video Marketing Tugboat Group -KushiYaki - Tojo

While in true Itamae form, Chef Tojo-San is with his craft a master entertainer, these recipe preparation videos are further animated with a dash of motion graphics and a drizzle of visual sound effects, blending the finished pieces right in with contempory Japanese pop culture video.


Though a secondary audience for the suite of six videos is the North American consumer, leaving the Japanese audio track to carry the action without subtitles lends authenticity to the content, and elevates the Windset Farms brand to an international perception.

Award winning Itamae choose Windset Farms premium greenhouse grown produce!