Singing Sailor Identity

Merriment, Virtue, Nostalgia, Adventure and Sincerity. The pillars of the new cherry brand from our friends at JIND Fruit Co.

The Singing Sailor goes back in time, passing retro, passing vintage and stopping at original. A time when merchant sailors traveled the world, bringing the world to each port and each port to the rest of the world. Their stories were captured in songs.

These cherries will be captured in boxes.

To capitalize on the burgeoning export markets for Pacific Northwest cherries, JIND required a new brand that would be accepted by North Americans as well as say the right things to consumers in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and throughout Asia. Strong, confident, a little swagger and a touch of romance. As they say, “men want to be him, and women want to be with him.”

Quality Tells a True Tale.

As is our custom aboard the Tug, we first painstakingly constructed a brand position and outline based on ownable pillars and an analysis of the competitive set. Then came the development of a name that would resonate with our audiences. The cherry on top is a tagline that marries the position to the name. Only after all these supports were in place could a graphic identity be created.

Interestingly, the Sing in Singing Sailor originally started as Singh (lion), to reflect the South Asian heritage of the JIND owners. The Speedy Singhs was already taken, so Singh went to Sing and then to Singing.

BTW, we had three weeks to do it and then get boxes to press. No pressure.

These boxes are meant to celebrate the limitations of flexographic printing on kraft paper as it would have been in the time of the Singing Sailor. 4mm shift on colour? Bring it on! Can’t print to the edge of the box? Awesome!

Singing Sailor will be available in stores throughout Eastern Canada and throughout Asia.

Singing Sailor package design layout