Surrey Women's Centre Brand and Identity

The Surrey Women’s Centre (SWC) is moving into a stronger space with new positioning and identity as they Change the Definition of Victim.

Courage, Equality, Leverage, Impact and Voice. That’s what SWC has always been about. These attributes have been pulled into sharper focus and a position to rally around.

SWC is a resource centre for women and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other forms of family violence. “Victim” is not a word often heard used by staff. The new positioning line is a reflection of a long-held mission.

There’s a big difference between being victimized and being a victim. The word “Victim” is like a tattoo that won’t wash away. The label sticks. It sticks to an identity, it sticks to self-worth, confidence, perception and outlook.

No thank you.

In addition to the suite of services offered by the Centre over its 20 years of service to residents of the Surrey area, it has worked to teach self-advocacy, challenge gender neutrality, dispel myths, create alliances and partnerships – all to increase the safety of women and children in the community.

With the new positioning comes a new identity that supports the vision of the Centre.  There is no “head of the table” with a circular identity. The notion of a circle is one of sharing, strength and fluidity. The breaks in the circle allow movement in and out, in all directions. The resulting notion of a life-preserver finishes the message. The guiding principle of the Centre is to be always the right door to walk through. The life-preserver image captures this sentiment.