VIDEO: BC Real Estate Association Quality Of Life

There’s more going on in BC real estate than just buying and selling, as seen in an update to the BC Real Estate Association’s Quality of Life™ overview video.

BCREA Quality Of Life Video

Quality of Life is an approach the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) has adopted to demonstrate the commitment of the real estate profession to improve Quality of Life throughout the province. REALTORS® have always been active in their communities, and Quality of Life ensures BCREA reflects that work. Quality of Life shifts the BCREA focus from only real estate concerns to broader, community interests. It also gives BCREA the opportunity to work with other organizations on specific issues to achieve positive results.

After nearly 10 years since the original Quality of Life video was created by Tugboat, we were asked to update the look and feel of the piece for a new cadre of real estate professionals.

This modern update was completely remade in HD. Tugboat took full advantage of the opportunity to shoot more original footage (cost prohibitive a decade ago) and add more graphic elements.

The result is a progressive and modern feel with more energy and more visual substance—especially now that we didn’t have to beg, borrow and steal footage. OK, maybe a little borrowing. Thanks to our friends at Elton Media for getting this together.

BC Real Estate Association Quality of Life video
BC Real Estate Association Quality of Life video
BC Real Estate Association Quality of Life video