West Coast Windows Pro3 Program Identity

With such a robust, yet undeclared offering for the professional, a graphic identifier was needed to lend gravitas and confidence to the new PRO-3 commercial program from West Coast Windows.

An identifier to be used in collateral, on-line, in direct mail, on tradeshow materials, vehicles, clothing and product.

This identifier helps support the West Coast Windows position in the marketplace as a custom window fabricator that understands the needs of the building trade and will pull out all the stops to deliver savings of time and money.  And make everyone in the chain look good.

It was created to help put West Coast Windows on the consideration radar for more commercial work, increase commercial inquiries/quotation requests, increase end-user demand for WCW products and reinforce West Coast Windows as a solid choice for  professionals involved with the specifying, purchase and installation of custom vinyl windows - designers, architects, engineers, developers, builders, contractors.