What's at the Market Identity

After nearly a year of development, Tugboat Group has released our own product for Farmers’ Markets and the people who love them: What’s @ the Market!

This site was created to help market-goers locate their favourite vendors quickly and easily, allow market organizers to better manage vendors/ product offerings and help vendors manage their followings.

For Farmers’ market organizations in North America, this site equips vendors with tools to create accounts that display product inventories associated with market events. Organizers can use the built-in Correspondence Engine to keep market customers apprised of event dates, vendor participation and accurate vendor inventories for all markets. What’s more, all market history is accessible at the What’s @ the Market website, making for a dynamic browsing experience.

Market vendors can create a basic profile on the WATM website, free of cost, and have full control on showcasing detailed product inventory, contact information, and unique banner images. Products approved for sale at specific farmers’ markets appear in the Market Date snapshots prepared by the Market Organization, and in the email notices sent to patrons/subscribers who receive notices of which vendors (and products) will be at upcoming market events.

Creating a vendor profile and product inventory at What’s @ the Market may be done by vendors at any time. However, only hosting Market Organizations can approve vendor products on sale at specific markets, within their organization. New (and existing) vendors must contact their market manager for product approvals. Should approved products not be available, vendors will be asked to mark them as “out of stock/season,” giving market managers an accurate report of product availability for sale on certain market dates depending on the season.

Shoppers need a dependable resource to know where and when their favourite vendors will offer their products for sale. Vendors move from market to market, skipping occasional markets, and the products they sell vary from market to market. Market organizations are challenged to keep schedules and vendor inventories current, accurate and readily available. Market patrons sign-up to receive timely notices for particular markets, including a list of vendors and their products scheduled to be on sale at that market on that market date.

What's at the Market brochure