What's At The Market Website

After a year in development, Tugboat Group has released its own web product: What’s @ the Market.


Planning on visiting a local farmer's market? Receive advance notice on vendor attendance and their products for sale! It's easy to sign up for timely & informative market reminders for all your local markets!


Built using the Drupal CMS, What's at the Market essentially has every feature we have ever developed, all in one site.

The site is a tool for market organizers to manage vendors, merchandise mix and market-goer communications.

For vendors, the site is essentially the back office of a store, allowing farmers and artisans to maintain a presence and a connection to their clientele. Vendors indicate their product roster so customers know what will be available and at which markets.

Ultimately, vendors with limited marketing resources are able to use their vendor page as a website. All they need to do is forward their domain name.

With a few clicks, checks and a little data entry, a vendor can make additions and deletions to their profile, product list, specials and offers .
Market-goers who have signed up for weekly market fliers can know what’s happening at the markets they follow, what vendors will be there and what those vendors will be selling at that market. These e-fliers go out a few days before every market.

Market organizers can adjust the product mix and their markets so that every table has something different and relevant to customers. In the same way vendors can add and remove product, market organizers approve the appropriate mix of products to their market page and e-fliers.

The site has full social media integration, blog and news features and robust search functionality.

Beginning with the Lower Mainland, the What’s @ the Market product is rolling out to market organizers and vendors across North America through 2014.