Windset Farms Tradeshow Experience 2013

Friends in Freshness hit trade shows with experiences, not booths.

Somehow, someway, we figure out what to do to make each Windset Farms tradeshow experience better than the one before it. PMA, CPMA, Loblaws NKO - no matter the show, Windset Farms is the talk of it.

The 2013 PMA Fresh Summit was held in New Orleans and Windset Farms took it up another level with 20 x 30 booth. Leveraging our existing custom-made tension fabric leaf structure that has proved a reliable success, we also partnered with our friends at Xibita to create a self-contained bar, raised meeting platform and back-lit, bottom-skinned hanging halos.

At these produce shows, everybody there is selling the same thing. It’s produce. But the Windset brand isn’t about commodity produce. It’s about the way they do business, the way they grow, the way they’re true Friends in Freshness™.

So, mountains of produce are not the order of the day. Mountains of personality are. And that’s what the Windset experience delivered.

From the samples to the beer to the swag to the custom photo booth, we made sure Windset had all the angles covered.


While other growers continuously try to out-chef each other to inevitably position their booth as a lunch counter, we commissioned three flavours of macaron, the French confection and one popular in Nouvelle Orléans, host city of Fresh Summit 2013. Tomato-cinnamon, Strawberry-lime and Cucumber-rose petal.

As is their custom, Windset demonstrated that they think beyond commodity and into lifestyle and occasion, leveraging the flavour profiles of their products into interesting taste deliveries to get buyers thinking about their products differently.

Nice pen, get a pad with that?

While Mardi Gras beads on Bourbon Street at anytime other than Mardi Gras will get you laughed at, they were a runaway hit at the Windset booth. They were also a useful prop at the Windset photo booth several aisles over where attendees would be beaded, then green-screened into either a Windset cucumber or pepper bag and finally be given a claim check to collect their photo at the main booth. And also have a beer. 

When in Rome

Yes, it was more expensive. And yes, it tasted better. Nola Blonde Ale is a local favourite and the one we had brought into the convention centre instead of running with the house beers. Like Bud. Or Miller Lite. #Relevance

Built for business, not lunch.

With an expanded space for this year’s show, the Windset booth was set up to take care of business. Providing creative direction for our friends at Xibita yielded a new presence that saw us with a new bar that included built-in keg and mini fridges and that most precious of trade show currency - storage. Beside the bar, we created a raised platform to allow for business meetings about two feet off the show floor. The booth layout funneled attendees into the space from only two sides but could be seen from three.

Windset Farms Tradeshow Booth