Windset Farms Website

Tugboat Group has been the Agency of Record for Windset Farms for over five years. We are responsible for all areas of consumer and trade marketing. This includes website development, hosting and maintenance. The responsive and content-rich Windset site creates new product evangelists almost daily.


A rich media experience awaits Windset consumers, starting at shelf. Or kitchen counter.





Windset makes it easy for consumers and vendors to find relevant information.



Built using the Drupal CMS, the Windset site allows admins to post recipes, video content, news, events, vendor materials and communicate with consumers.

The focus for Windset product is to move from commodity to branded product that marries with lifestyle and occasion. Thus, the Windset site boasts more recipes than its competitive set by a considerable factor. Recipes are searchable by category, prep-time, products used and can contain video elements as well.

Adding recipe content is simple and straight forward: The user enters the copy, selects a photo for the page, the header, the thumbnail, selects a Youtube video, checks a few other boxes and saves. When a recipe and accompanying photo are uploaded to the site, a printable recipe card is automatically created.  The latest recipe image is also automatically pushed to the home page.

One of the most compelling features of the site is the ability for the company to quickly and professionally respond to user inquires, comments and complaints. The “correspondence engine” sorts and manages received messages, draft and final responses from consumers North America wide.

The module was created after consistently receiving the same feedback and queries that would not be satisfied by a FAQ.  Templated answers are stored on the site for the client to tailor, personalize then drop into a response to the consumer. Usually within hours.  A multi- million-dollar company responding to site inquiries in hours.

The result, even if the origin of a message is a complaint, is a stronger bond with the brand and the company.

Like most companies, Windset sends a monthly newsletter to its subscribers. Featured product, recipe, health tips, news and events are easily assembled in the CMS newsletter content aggregator and sent to recipients in the managed address book. Right through the site, not a third-party service.

Events, news, recipes and other items are added to the site on a regular basis and then simply collected every month into the newsletter, versus scrambling each month to come up with content to fill a newsletter.

The design takes into account all of the restrictions awaiting newsletters in email clients.

The site was built for vendors as well. When logged in, vendors can access an enormous repository of documents, guides and graphic elements from a resource centre.

Every product page is expanded for a logged-in user to contain related product specification sheets from the general product guide.

Changing out product sheet pdfs is as easy as uploading any other element to the site.