YVR Art Foundation Website

The Art Foundation is focusses on nurturing artists, getting their work noticed and sold.

Helping First Nations artists realize their artistic potential. The YVR Art Foundation website makes the scholarship application process both easy and accessible.

With a powerful Drupal CMS, the YVR Art Foundation can update important scholarship information, access the submissions of First Nation applicants and review candidates for their artist scholarships and rewards.

Historically, the organization’s focus has been to provide artwork for the Vancouver International Airport, sponsoring emerging First Nations artists in the process. But the Art Foundation is taking a new tack, focusing instead on nurturing these artists, getting their work noticed and bought, and boosting their careers.

With this end in mind, the Art Foundation wants to make the art accessible to everyone, not just to airport visitors as it has been in the past.

The website lets artists showcase their work for prospective buyers and art aficionados.

Like most Tugboat sites, the Art Foundation website is built in Drupal, a content management system. Drupal lets users adjust content to suit their needs. Artists will be able to create online galleries displaying their work, including descriptions, tags, artist bios, pricing and contact information.

Thanks to this platform, art lovers and prospective buyers will be able to connect with artists directly, encouraging them to sell their work and develop their skills.

As the Art Foundation and its initiatives evolve over time, the site will change with them. Drupal will make it easy to customize, giving the Art Foundation the flexibility to add new artists, community programs, scholarships and services.

Visit the website at yvraf.com.