Associated Labels case study header banner - night forest
Associated Labels case study header banner - night forest
Client Study
Associated Labels & Packaging

In preparation for an ambitious trade show commitment, Associated Labels and Packaging engaged Tugboat Group to ensure that the organization's brand and marketing communications program was sharp and on point, and relevant to a burgeoning packaging market.

Following a series of stakeholder visioning sessions, we delivered revitalized and forward looking brand and positioning creative that hit on all targets. Supporting marketing collateral, a reimagined web experience, and a considered video touting the brand's intangible essence followed. A knockout trade show exhibit and experience set the stage for the Pacific Northwest label and packaging leader’s brand reveal.

Brand + Positioning
Logo + Brand Identity
Marketing Strategy + Collateral
Products + Packaging
Advertising Creative
Web + Applications
Video Development
Trade Show Exhibits
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Building the Brand.
Bradley Cooper
Apple Watch
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Vision + Affinity

Working on location with senior stakeholders, the underpinnings of the brand and position were unearthed via visioning and affinity sessions facilitated by Tugboat strategists.

If Associated Labels & Packaging were a person, what would they be like? How would they act? What would they wear? How would they speak? If they were a watch? A vehicle? Then, of their direct or indirect competitors, who’s doing it right? Wrong? Why?

Foundation + Essence

Associated Labels and Packaging is a fun, family company that offers premium-quality products and services which align with the diverse needs and dreams of our ambitious customers.


with your brand™ suggests a premium level of service (closely aligned with customer needs and aspirations) which leads to supportive long-term relationships.


Connecting the company name with the tagline completes communications with a simple, memorable, and unique statement that any current or potential client can take to heart.

Products Assortments

While their products are of a premium nature, Associated are down-to-earth people focused on helping their partners achieve lofty goals. They are dedicated to the honest craft and elbow grease required to achieve excellence. The materials they use are of the finest quality, and their people are highly trained and passionate about what they do. Associated is constantly growing and reinvesting in the most advanced technology. Because of this, they understand the value of their work.

Brand Creative & Marketing Collateral
A New and Revitalized Identity

The Associated Labels & Packaging logo evolved to support vertical or horizontal applications, with means for the product descriptor to be replaced with a graphic instance of the positioning line. Stand alone icons representing significant product categories connect the business value proposition with the brand essence.

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Associated Labels branded Stationary

Stationery, kit folders, business cards and envelopes still deliver where digital facsimiles can't. Tactile, aromatic and demanding of attention, the Associated business papers make a lasting impression.

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Paint Splatter

Product samples, print and finishing examples, and promo giveaways: a complete line of Associated Labels and Packaging branded packaging was developed for display in the show room and on the show floor. The like branded materials demonstrate the company's dedication to detail and sweating the small stuff. Focus on the minutia and the big picture takes care of itself.

Packaging Examples
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An Exhibit Designed to Attract Action

Debuting and the US Health and Wellness Convention and Trade show, the Associate exhibit is difficult to miss. Designed to turn heads and welcome tire kickers, the open concept booth delivers and approachable experience for even the most timid of delegates. Light on fluff and massive on impact, the Associated Labels and Packaging trade show visitors leave the booth well informed, graphically motivated brand advocates. Tell your friends.

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Associated Trade show picture 2
Associated Trade show picture 3
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Web Design & Development
A Graphic Web Experience

More than just an electronic summary of the company's products and services, the Associated Labels and Packaging's website is a deep resource for brand and product marketing professionals. User flows accounting for multiple customer segments make navigating directly to a product just as intuitive as discovering a solution available for products of specific industries. Impactful graphics and compelling content comprise a deep web experience that is anything but light on detail. A rich resource centre extolls the nuances of new and old label and packaging technologies, and a product configurator allows for customers to log accurate detail product descriptions for quotation. All content and submitted requests are managed by in-house resources using the website's robust content management tools.

Associated website on imac + iphone
Associated website screens sample

The Associated Labels & Packaging website is hosted and maintained under Tugboat Group's White Glove hosting service, where security, updates, bandwidth and uptime are woven into a single worry-free program. More information on hosting is available at

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More Associated Labels

Following the development of the Associated Labels & Packaging position, brand and messaging, the Tugboat web development engineers went to work on a deeply featured, Drupal web application for ALP. Visit Tugboat.Online for a deep dive into the Associated Labels & Packaging web development project.

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