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Social MedIa Tools and Services

Social media platforms connect brands with customers, increase awareness and boost leads and sales.

Half of the world's population is connected via social media. Tapping into this tremendous global audience provides the most efficient way to connect and engage with your potential customers. Telling your brand's story through the creation of human connections will increase brand awareness and ultimately grow your business exponentially.

Social Media on different devices Social Media on different devices
Content & Development Strategy / Accounts Management

Tugboat Group develops engaging content for social media accounts based on our in-depth analytics of your target audiences. Key demographics determine how content is presented in a variety of social media channels. From standard image and video posts to giveaways, contests or multifaceted campaigns, Tugboat is your partner for managing and monitoring your social accounts.

Content development Content development
Creative Support & Tactics Management

Based on your social media content strategy, Tugboat provides the service of creating all necessary visual assets. Photography, infographics, videos - we have you covered. We connect you with brand ambassadors for quick promotions or long-term campaigns and we provide you with key performance metrics for your peace of mind. 

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Reputation Management

Customers and prospects are increasingly verifying a businesses' online reputation and seeking for referrals on social media sites. We here at Tugboat know how online chatter and posted reviews are affecting your brand and ultimately your business' bottom line. To that extent, we make sure that your brand is always presented in the best possible light - from ensuring that correct information are displayed on relevant business listings sites to managing customer reviews. We make you a shinning social media star.

Reputation Management Reputation Management
Reputation Management Reputation Management
In-depth Analytics & Online Business Toolkit
Tugstore CAD

Tugboat has developed a set of applications to measure key performance indicators of your social presence. We provide you with all the necessary data to determine the success of your social channel activities or, if necessary, with the right tools to adjust your performance to gain greater relevance. And once you feel comfortable to manage your social media channels on your own, we can provide you with an online business toolkit to do just that.

Reputation management screens Reputation management screens

Web + Application Development

Tugboat.Online is our web and software development engine room. We can develop just about any site or application, any size, for any purpose. In fact, is so specialized, we needed to give it space to grow.

Curious to know how we'd approach your unique requirements? Let's talk.

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