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Strategic Marketing and Fulfillment

Marketing exists to serve your business' goals. We help you establish those goals and define the measures of their success.

Tugboat marketing plans contain the strategies and creative tactics necessary to communicate with your prospects and targets, and advance your brand and business. Tugboat plans can contain channels such as guerilla/stunt, advertising, promotions, sponsorship, grassroots, PR and media relations, advertising, web and social media, direct mail and e-mail, cross-promotions. We identify opportunities, exploit the threats, and connect you with your targets.

Brand Launch

With a new brand architecture and new brand identity created, it's time to pull the trigger on the marketing plan that informs those that need to know. Short and turn-key for execution in-house, or deep and far-reaching requiring agency support, we prepare a suite of recommendations and tactics that inform audiences as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Announcement Advertising

Rebrands, mergers & acquisitions or multi-branch internal announcements, creative messaging and graphic communications must be tailored for relevance with the audience segment. One message does not fit all.

Video Supported Product Launches

Lean on short format video to provide history and backstory for deep brand and product launches, with consistent creative across brand, product and promotion. (Click the play button above to see Bruce's book launch video.)

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BMF iPad BMF iPad
Bruce Ellemo book Bruce Ellemo book
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Endlesssky laptop Endlesssky laptop

Inbound & Promotional Landing Pages

Present the promotion and focus the message with landing pages designed to communicate. More than a one way funnel to a CTA button, strategic landing pages omit distraction and amplify focus on areas and subjects that cannot be avoided.

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Corporate Team Launch Events

Assemble internal teams offsite for interactive and brand relevant collaborative exercises designed to strengthen camaraderie, build corporate culture, and drive creative thinking.


Despite privacy laws and regulatory headwinds, eMarketing strategy and eMarketing campaigns have grown more effective in recent years, and will continue to transform in the years to come. Well considered email marketing campaigns remain extremely effective in converting prospects into first time buyers, and first time buyers into brand advocates.

JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters
JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters - join us (purple) JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters - join us (purple)
JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters - headline (red) JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters - headline (red)
JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters - headline (purple) JRoss Recruiters E-newsletters - headline (purple)
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Experiential Marketing

Sell without selling. Brand experiences are designed to engage, not to convert. Participants may not remember your words, verbatim, but they will remember how you made them feel. Tugboat helps you to present your brand and products in new, interesting and memorable ways. We help you showcase them, celebrate them, and connect your guests with the sum of their intangible essence.

Exhibiting Experiences

When a visitor exits your trade show booth, what do you want them to feel? Think? Say? Do? This is the place we start in developing your trade show experience strategy. This is where we make sure that the brand position aligns with the experience to achieve the desired outcome.

Event Promotion

Marketing tactics and efforts for your event don't stop when the ribbon is cut. The website, newsletters, postcards, advertisements, co-op placement...all of it...comes together to fuel the event, and your next event. Always be closing.

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Event Participation

Disruptive experiences at strategic events can connect brands and communication strategies with C-level decision makers that are challenging to engage.

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Event Sponsorships

Sponsorship and participation in events and fundraisers for brands and charities exposes your brand to a highly receptive audience. Gain new customers and reinforce connection with existing segments by supporting causes and charities that align with your brand values. 


    Windset Farms / CIBC Run for the Cure Video


    Surrey Women’s Centre Bid for the Benefit Video

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Promotional Content

A great marketing strategy or idea is only as good as its execution. Contests can turn heads and build an audience, but only if the engagement is relevant. Endorsements, celebrity connection, and mass media broadcasts shine most brightly when pickup and organic value greatly outweigh cost. And short, targeted, social media experiences must catch attention and get shared.


    Saturday Morning Chefs Videos


    Tojo-San Recipe Video Series


    Kitchen Shorts Videos

Xibita Oculus Rift Giveaway Xibita Oculus Rift Giveaway
Windset Farms Trade Show Video Reels Windset Farms Trade Show Video Reels
Video Marketing

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    2020: Planning Our Route

Customers and advocates crave connection and personality and, if given the opportunity, will choose to see and hear your from your brand in a meaningful context. Video is the best way to share with your audiences a real glimpse of your brand and business. It allows brands to communicate beyond product and sales, and connect viewers with emotional or otherwise intangible aspects of the brand.

Web + Application Development

Tugboat.Online is our web and software development engine room. We can develop just about any site or application, any size, for any purpose. In fact, is so specialized, we needed to give it space to grow.

Curious to know how we'd approach your unique requirements? Let's talk.

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