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Website Design and Development

The modern website is a full digital experience, connecting more people to more functionality and more platforms.

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Today, run your business from anywhere, anytime. Yesterday's website was a brochure that allowed people to buy from it. Today, everything is integrated and responsive. Social, e-commerce, e-marketing, custom applications, apps, video, user content, leverage tools, search relevance tools, CRM, text message broadcasting, loyalty programs, user dashboards: all at your fingertips.

Consultation / Research / Strategy Development

Tugboat Group web strategies involve a combination of online and offline research, including the identification of user groups, keyword strategy, planning and execution of interviews or workshops and the development of user case scenarios. The depth of web strategy development varies considerably, depending with the scale and scope of a project, but thoughtful and considered early consultation is an important component to Tugboat web projects.

Content Strategy + Information Architecture

Based on the above and in collaboration with key stakeholders, a Tugboat senior web strategist develops a thorough site information architecture, site map and wireframe to be used by the site and/or application designers and developers. These elements will also be used to develop a content migration and integration plan with the client content manager. Concurrently, content types and styles will be defined.


User Experience + Visual Design

Creative concepts are developed for the overall look and feel of the site, as well as detailed comps for the homepage, landing pages and template content pages. These are two-dimensional, non-functioning (non-clickable) images illustrating layout, content hierarchy and user interface design for both static and dynamic content types. It is essential that all designs be extensible, allowing for site growth in the short, medium, and long-term, and that they be accessible and fully responsive across mobile devices, using web standards to meet established accessibility guidelines. Once approved, these illustrative composites are developed in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for application to the site.

Custom solutions Custom solutions
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Content Integration + SEO Best Practices

The Tugboat Group development team works with client content manager(s) to develop a content development / integration / migration plan, beginning with the migration of all existing content slated for a new website. Tugboat filters, edits and writes content that hits the right combinations of key words for maximum optimization by search engines without sounding like it was written by a robot. Count on this Vancouver, BC, Canada, marketing, creative web and graphic design branding, packaging and trade show agency to NOT go overboard on stuffing irrelevant product and services keywords into a client's website copy.

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Quality Assurance, Training + Support

QA is woven through all stages of a web project to iteratively build, test and refine features in conjunction with user feedback and testing results. Adherence to strict testing protocols is always maintained. Levels of documentation for established user types such as site administrators, content creators, and managers are published both within the website itself and as a document for easy access. Post-deployment, relax. We provide support services, including bug fixes, ongoing site upgrades and feature development.

Web + Application Development

Tugboat.Online is our web and software development engine room. We can develop just about any site or application, any size, for any purpose. In fact, Tugboat.online is so specialized, we needed to give it space to grow.

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