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JRoss Recruiters exemplify Leadership. They take a long-term position on talent—investing time and energy to build enduring relationships rather than cashing in on short-term transactions. They embrace industry-specific leadership opportunities (participating in panel discussions, sitting on governing boards, sponsoring scholarships, etc.) that further enhance their position as subject matter experts. They attract like-minded clients and candidates who are leaders in their own right.

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Building the JRoss Brand
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Vision + Discovery

Working on location with senior stakeholders, the underpinnings of the brand and position were unearthed via visioning and affinity sessions facilitated by Tugboat strategists.

If JRoss Recruiters were a person, what would they be like? How would they act? What would they wear? How would they speak? If they were a watch? A vehicle? Then, of their direct or indirect competitors, who’s doing it right? Wrong? Why?

Foundation + Essence

With an unrelenting commitment to deliver exceptional value with each opportunity, JRoss Recruiters uses specialized knowledge of the retail and hospitality industries to recruit proven leaders for great brands. They exemplify leadership, offer a specialized service, and have build an employment network on the idea of premium connection.They persevere and recruit winning candidates. Every time.

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Position + Message

Set the bar. Hire.™ is the positioning line we developed for JRoss Recruiters. It is anchored in the firm’s ongoing commitment to help clients improve their businesses by hiring bright, capable leaders who live up to a higher standard of personal excellence, and are the perfect fit for their new position.

Creative Development
A Dynamic Identity is Born

The JRoss Recruiters brand required a dynamic identity system that could establish separation between business units without diluting the strength of the parent icon system. Using spot colours representative of their industry specializations, and consistent typesetting treatments, the JRoss Recruiters identity transforms smoothly between business units and areas of specialization while remaining within the visual boundaries established by the parent graphic. The result is a dynamic identity that reflects the brand from every angle.

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Purple Stationary
Red Print marketing

From business unit-specific stationery to services and recruiter bio cards, the JRoss Recruiters suite of print collateral is smartly designed to pack into purse-size kit folders. New business pitches and trade show exhibition exchanges are heightened and enhanced with engaging and memorable materials that support the brand experience beyond introductory conversation.

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JRoss Recruiters offer a Specialized Service. They focus on filling leadership opportunities in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. Because of their ongoing commitments and relationships in these industries, they have an excellent lay of the land — understanding the capabilities of potential candidates as well as the upside and pitfalls involved with every opportunity. This allows JRoss Recruiters to work in more of an advisory capacity (not simply order-takers) to help find the optimal fit for everyone involved. Booths were designed to be recognizably on-brand, projecting confidence along with inviting calls to action. No noise. No starbursts.

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Web Development & eMarketing
Web Integration for Recruiters

Do to the challenging nature of the chameleon-like JRoss Recruiters website requirements, a dynamic web application was created to serve content and stylesheets to render web pages based on user preferences. Even if they were anonymous, and derived from entry points and browsing history. The JRoss website is fully responsive, with all content and features for the three business divisions managed via a single administration console.

The user experience and interface design of the site project a premium, clean and simple aesthetic that presents visitors with a modern and sophisticated browsing experience that is reflective of the clients and candidates who find success with JRoss Recruiters.

News in the recruiting business travels fast, and JRoss Recruiters are leaders among their peers in the curation and dissemination of relevant industry press and announcements. Social and e-marketing strategies were designed to build CASL compliant subscription lists of recipients wishing to keep informed on retail and hospitality human resource issues.

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Website screens

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